#3 We don't accept more agencies

We do not accept more agencies, if you want to use our services please use our reseller panel.

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#2 How to be an agency

#2 How to apply for an agency, please read below.

1. Contact us on Skype: live:.cid.d1a2190af712711e
2. deposit $5000 (please ask for the wallet address)
We accept only USDT & BUSD on BSC & TRC20 Chain
3. text us your username then we'll create an account for you.

Our term & Condition
1. This $5000 on your account can not ask for a refund.
2. The price of the services that we have set for you has been thought and considered, please understand us and the current situation.

If you can not accept the above terms & conditions, do not text us.

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#1 The first blog

We're nobody, who are you?

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